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Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation Is an Important Component of Your Home’s Health and Comfort

One approach to reducing concentrations of indoor air pollutants in your home or business is to increase the amount of fresh air coming indoors. Evidence, however, suggests that traditional ventilation methods, such as opening a window or using an exhaust fan, may not be enough to control indoor humidity and airborne contaminants in today’s tightly constructed and insulated homes. Ask us about mechanical systems to bring outdoor air into your environment. We can recommend products like air-to-air exchangers, air handlers, and energy recovery and heat recovery ventilators (also known as air-to-air heat exchangers) to condition and freshen air as part of your heating and cooling system.

Ventilators are designed to expel stale, polluted indoor air and replace it with clean outside air, while at the same time conditioning the air coming into your home. The recovery process efficiently raises or lowers the temperature of the incoming air to more closely match the temperature of the air circulating throughout your home.

With ventilator use, excess moisture is removed from the re-circulated air, resulting in lower humidity levels to help you stay comfortable at lower temperatures in the winter and higher temperatures in the summer. Properly maintained humidity levels in your home will also maximize energy efficiency and lead to lower utility costs.

Sometimes ventilation issues can be addressed simply by adding an exhaust fan or making some changes to your ductwork system or heating and cooling equipment. Our staff is happy to discuss your situation and give you the options to correct or improve the problem. New construction as well as replacement experience helps us to find solutions effectively and quickly.

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