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Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier – Why Your Home Needs Humidity Control

You might think of humidity as that damp, uncomfortable feeling you get in the middle of summer. But believe it or not, your home needs certain humidity levels to maintain proper comfort. That’s where humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Advanced Comfort Systems come in. Below, learn all about the differences and benefits of a whole-home humidifier vs. dehumidifier. And when you’re ready for better comfort, call us for service.

Why You Need a Humidifier and Dehumidifier Combo

In the winter, it’s common for your indoor humidity levels to drop significantly, leading to dry and uncomfortable air. And in the summer, the opposite happens—your air can feel damp and sticky.

Somewhere between these two extremes is a perfect level of humidity. Ideally, it should fall somewhere between 35 and 55 percent. Achieving this is best for not only your comfort and your home, but also your health.

While your heating and cooling systems can help moderate humidity, they focus more on temperature than moisture. That’s why you need humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

Simply put, a humidifier adds moisture into your air via water.

On average, humidity levels in a typical home fall somewhere around 20 percent—or worse, if the winter air has been particularly dry. Moisture this low can cause many health and comfort problems, including itchy skin, a dry cough, irritated eyes, frequent colds, and more. Low moisture can even start to crack wood floors and furniture in your house.

A humidifier from Advanced Comfort easily solves these problems—it adds moisture to eliminate dryness. We offer steam, fan-powered, and bypass systems that work with your existing HVAC units to make your whole home more comfortable. Our humidifiers can even connect directly to your water supply, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to refill the reservoir.

What Does a Dehumidifier Do?

A dehumidifier works just like a humidifier, only instead of adding moisture to your air, it removes it.

High humidity is most common in the summer. Most people respond by cranking up the AC, and while that can help, it can also result in high utility bills. Dehumidifiers are much more efficient—and by removing excess humidity, they can also make your home feel cooler without having to touch the thermostat. Lower humidity can also help reduce mold and dust mites in your home, both of which thrive in high-moisture environments.

Our whole-home units are much safer than store-bought ones, too—they remove moisture more efficiently and without the fire hazard that plug-in basement dehumidifiers present.

Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier – the Verdict

If you have concerns about your air quality or are considering remodeling a basement or bathroom, contact a Carrier® expert at Advanced Comfort about humidity control. Our NATE-certified technicians can evaluate your needs and recommend the best way to balance humidity, temperature, comfort, and cost.

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