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Understanding the Comfortable Benefits of a Humidifier or Dehumidifier

Somewhere between that sticky, sub-tropical feeling and parched, desert-like dryness is a comfortable level of humidity. While people often disagree about exact ideal conditions, experts say that 35 to 55 percent air moisture content is best for your comfort, your home, and even your health.

Your home’s heating and cooling unit helps moderate humidity, but its primary purpose is to manage temperature. Fortunately, the same company that helps you with this can also recommend and professionally install the best humidifiers, steam humidifier units, and basement dehumidifiers for your home. Whether you are in Oostburg or Sheboygan, Advanced Comfort Systems has a great selection of products to customize your air quality and comfort. Best of all, our professional-grade units are safer and better than store-bought units: our whole-home dehumidifiers remove excess humidity without the risk and fire hazard of plug-in basement dehumidifiers, and our humidifiers are connected directly to your water supply so you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling the reservoir. They provide comfort and cost control you can count on.

Dry Winter Air Is Not Comfortable and Not Good for You

One of the most common complaints about indoor air quality is dryness. This isn’t surprising, considering that the air in a typical home has only 20 percent humidity or less. Then consider that humidity levels in the Sahara Desert average around 25 percent. If your home is literally as dry as a desert, you probably have itchy skin, a dry cough, irritated eyes, frequent colds, nose bleeds, and more. You may also notice constant sparks of static electricity as you walk through your home, and that floors—especially wood ones—are creaking more each year.

The solution is as simple as adding water—it’s time to add moisture to your air with a humidifier from Advanced Comfort. We offer steam, fan-powered, and bypass systems that work with your existing HVAC unit to make your whole home more comfortable. Ask us about Carrier® systems with humidity sensors and other options for better indoor air quality.

Control Comfort and Costs with a Dehumidifier

At the other end of the comfort spectrum is very humid air, which feels heavy, muggy, and damp. It makes you feel hotter in the summer, and most people respond by turning their thermostat down—and watching their utility bill go up, too. You can control cooling costs simply by adding a dehumidifier. An added benefit is that you could also reduce mold and dust mites in your air, which tend to be more common in a humid environment.

If you have concerns about your air quality, or are considering remodeling a basement or bathroom that could benefit from humidity control, call an air quality expert at Advanced Comfort Systems. One of our NATE-certified technicians can evaluate your needs and recommend the best way to balance humidity, temperature, comfort, and costs.

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