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Côr Home Automation on Cellphone and Thermostat

Get Connected With Côr™ Home Automation From Advanced Comfort Systems

Technology is changing everything, and now Côr™ Home Automation from Carrier® is changing homeowners’ expectations for comfort and convenience. Cor is a powerful platform for monitoring and managing all the systems that make your home smarter, safer, efficient, and more enjoyable. With 24/7 remote access to heating and cooling, security, and utilities using any smartphone or computer, you have complete control when you’re at home, and peace of mind when you’re not.

Sheboygan Families Can Access Home Technology With an App

Unlike some systems, Côr is fully customizable. You can choose what you want it to do, and have complete flexibility when it comes to upgrading features, without upgrading the entire system. You can choose from hundreds of options, many of which you can upload and program yourself. And even if we are adding features, you pay only for the installation—there are no monthly fees. Start with the intuitive control panel, then consider the full range of possibilities:

  • Program heating, cooling, humidity, and air quality settings around your schedule, and run these systems only when you need them to save money.
  • Connect to local weather stations so you get alerts and can adapt to changing conditions.
  • Monitor security cameras from any computer or mobile device. (If you choose to connect these to ADT or another outside company, their fees will apply.)
  • Lock and unlock doors with the push of a button.
  • Turn lights and appliances on or off with remote modules.
  • Receive mobile alerts from door and motion sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and freeze or flood indictors. These early warning features are added protection for both your family and home.
  • Create a geo-fence (using the GPS on your phone) so your systems recognize and respond when you come or go.

Our technicians have received special training to install the Côr system, and will show you how to make the most of this incredible technology. Before they leave, you’ll be completely comfortable using the app to take control of your home or small business.

The Coolest Way to Save Time and Money

At Advanced Comfort Systems, we know a lot about cool technology, but Côr is more than that—it’s an investment that can pay for itself over time, and in many ways:

  • Save an average of 20 percent on heating and cooling energy costs with this responsive, programmable system.
  • Lower your home insurance premiums by adding security features.
  • Save on repair bills if you have sensors that detect problems like low temperatures or water in the basement.
  • Eliminate the stress and worry of wondering what’s happening in your home.

Now is the time to schedule a consultation for a high-tech approach of comfort. When you trust your home to Advanced Comfort Systems and Côr, you can relax and know that you’ve made the smart choice when it comes to your family’s comfort and safety.

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