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Technicians at Advanced Comfort Systems in Sheboygan Offer Three Reasons for Furnace Maintenance

When you schedule regular maintenance for your heating system, you are being proactive about protecting your furnace, your comfort, and your budget. Advance is part of our name—not only because we offer an advanced level of knowledge—but also because we believe that service in advance of a problem is a smart move for three reasons:

  1. Get the Best Use and More Years From Your Furnace
    A heating system that receives regular care tends to run better and longer. Furnace maintenance from Advanced Comfort Systems involves a tuneup and cleaning of your entire heating system to make sure it’s ready for winter. We remove any build-up of dust and dirt, install a new filter, lubricate all moving components, check electrical connections, make small repairs or replacements, and if needed, recommend any additional work that may be required based on the age of the unit. Routine service prolongs the life of the unit and helps our techs know when to start talking to you about a replacement. Even a newly installed system benefits from a pre-season inspection, with minor adjustments allowing for maximum efficiency.
  2. Reliable Heat When You Need It
    Winter is not the time to wish you had checked your furnace. No one should be cold, so schedule a fall furnace Clean & Check and avoid an interruption in your comfort and your schedule. We can do this work when it’s convenient for you and you won’t feel rushed if you have to make decisions about your service.
  3. Preventive Care Is More Affordable Than Heating Repairs
    Sometimes, saving money in the long term means spending a little over time. So now is the time to schedule routine service for your furnace. A complete cleaning, along with a new filter, allows for better airflow and less dust and pollution in your home. It also means your system won’t have to work so hard to keep air moving, which can result in higher efficiency and fewer problems in the future.

Our Service Agreement Works for Families in Sheboygan

Advanced Comfort Systems offers an affordable service agreement that includes annual maintenance of your furnace and other benefits for a set price. This works well for our customers because it means no surprises when it comes to cost and far fewer surprises when it comes to performance. Call us at (920) 564-2333 for details or schedule your appointment online.

(866) 673-2914 Emergency Service Available *May require additional service charge

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