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Customize Heating and Air Conditioning With a Ductless Split System

For houses without ductwork, homeowners have to be more creative with how they heat and cool their homes. A ductless split system makes it much easier—these individual units can provide ideal home comfort on a room-to-room basis. With expertise on everything heating and cooling, Advanced Comfort Systems is the team you want to install, repair, and maintain these unique zoning units.

Perfect Comfort in Every Room of the House

Like its name suggests, a ductless split system doesn’t require ductwork in order to heat or cool your home like furnaces and central air conditioners do. These units can simply be installed in up to eight different rooms, enabling easy, customized comfort throughout the house. Benefits include:

  • Fast installation. Ductless units are small and don’t need to connect to existing ductwork, making heating and A/C installation fast and easy. They can also be mounted onto any wall you want.
  • Complete zoning control. Multiple units mean customizable temperatures room to room. For example, if one area is naturally cooler than others, you can set the temp in that space warmer than other rooms.
  • Lower electricity costs. Ductless systems are highly energy efficient—so much so that they could save you up to 40 percent on your energy bill when compared to standard heating or air conditioning units.
  • Better indoor air quality. Traditional forced-air systems, such as furnace and A/Cs, blow air through your entire home, and along with it, airborne pollutants. Ductless systems can deodorize the air and help eliminate those pollutants, as well as balance indoor humidity levels.
  • Easy renovation solutions. If you’re adding on to your house or thinking of turning your garage into a rec room, ductless systems provide an easy solution to heating and cooling needs in those areas.

Ask Us If a Ductless Split System Is Right for You

Whether you’re in the market for a ductless system or simply want to know more about them, the experts at Advanced Comfort have all the answers. We install, repair, and maintain the finest heating and cooling equipment in the industry, from residential and commercial ductless systems to more traditional furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and more. Call us now at 920-564-2333 for ductless service or book an appointment with us online.

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