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Spring isn’t just the perfect time to clean the inside of your home. It’s also the best time to check in on your HVAC system and make sure it’s ready to keep you cool and comfortable in the months to come. This HVAC maintenance checklist will help you come up with a plan to prepare your systems. And if you need additional service as you go through the list, give the Carrier® experts at Advanced Comfort Systems a call.

Check These Items Off Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist

1. Tune Up Your Heating and Cooling Systems

It’s been a while since you’ve turned on your AC, so make sure it’s working properly with a tune-up from Advanced Comfort. During this service, our technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your unit to improve efficiency and airflow. We’ll also look for wear problems and make small repairs that can help prevent bigger breakdowns in the future.

Though your furnace is likely done for the season, if you haven’t had maintenance performed in the last year, it’s a good time to take care of that, too. This way you won’t be stuck with any unpleasant surprises once it’s time to turn your heat back on in the fall.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Keep your cool air flowing by switching out your air filter with a fresh, clean one. It’s recommended you do this about every one to three months—or more often if you have pets or suffer from allergies. This will keep your home air fresher and ensure your system is running at maximum capacity.

3. Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Although not a part of your HVAC system, your ceiling fans can help circulate cool air through your home. But if you haven’t turned them on in a while, they’ve probably collected some dust. Wipe down the blades before use to keep excess particulates from contaminating your home air.

4. Vacuum Registers and Vents

Your home’s registers and vents can be hidden sources of dust and dirt. Use a vacuum to go over these areas and draw out any debris that might have accumulated there. This prevents them from recirculating through your air—and makes your home look cleaner as well.

5. Inspect and Clean the Area Around Your AC

Step outside and take a look at your air conditioner and the surrounding area. Clear away sticks or leaves that have accumulated during fall and winter. These obstructions can keep your AC from working at maximum capacity.

6. Test Your Thermostat

Give your air conditioner a test run to make sure everything is running as it should. If you notice any problems or variances between your thermostat and your AC, call in the Advanced Comfort experts to take a look.

Get Ready for Spring With Advanced Comfort

If you have any questions while going through this HVAC maintenance checklist, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Whether it’s a simple repair or the installation of a completely new AC unit, you can trust us for professional, reliable service each and every time.

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