Follow these safety tips to avoid heating problems this winter

Cold weather brings more than a chill—here are some seasonal hazards and winter safety tips that all homeowners should be aware of, and that Advanced Comfort Systems can help with. From insulating pipes to knowing what a change in pilot light color means, our certified technicians are here to help you stay safe and cozy all season. 

Six Ways to Prevent Cold Weather Woes

  1. Pay attention to thermostats and detectors. Make sure your thermostats are working properly and programmed to maximize your energy use and cost savings. Also test your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries when necessary.
  2. Monitor your pilot light color. If your pilot light is blue, all is well because natural gas is flowing properly through your heating system. A mostly yellow light, however, can indicate a carbon monoxide leak. (If you see a bit of yellow and red at the edges of the flame, that’s normal and nothing to worry about.)
  3. Purify and humidify your indoor air. ’Tis the season for airborne germs, so consider adding UV lights that emit an electric charge to kill these microorganisms as they pass through your system. It’s also that time of year when air feels painfully dry, causing itchy skin, sore throats, and even bloody noses. Bring indoor humidity levels back up to a comfortable 35 to 55 percent range with whole-home humidifiers from Advanced Comfort—you’ll feel better and also minimize static electricity and damage to your wood floors and furnishings.
  4. Prevent a frozen pipe catastrophe. Keep your pipes from freezing and bursting with heavy insulation, especially if they’re exposed basement pipes that run directly outside. Our plumbers also recommend opening cabinets under your sinks to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes.

  5. Clean your chimney and fireplace. You should have your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Before you build a fire, sweep your fireplace clean and make sure your flue is fully open. Always use a spark guard with a wood burning fireplace and close your flue after every fire so cold air can’t seep in.
  6. Clear vents, inside and out. Don’t let wet leaves or heaping snow block your furnace or boiler’s vent pipe or the outdoor cabinet of your heat pump. Inside, make sure all your heater vents and cold air returns are clear of rugs, furniture, or other objects, and don’t forget to have dryer vents cleaned regularly to prevent a fire hazard.

From Frightful to Delightful Is Our Specialty

As a certified Carrier® dealer, Advanced Comfort has been keeping Greater Sheboygan County homeowners like you cozy every winter since 2008, no matter how frightful the weather outside. Our full spectrum of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), indoor air quality, and plumbing services means you’re just one call away from the peace of mind you deserve at home. Contact us to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment or any other service when it’s most convenient for you.

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