Young couple bundled up on couch because furnace is blowing cold air.

A furnace that’s blowing cold air is never good. And unlike computers, turning the system off and back on again isn’t likely to fix the problem. Fortunately, Advanced Comfort Systems can. In this blog, we’ll give you a brief understanding of why your furnace may be blowing cold air—and some possible solutions. Read it over, then call us at 920-564-2333 for a professional repair.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace? Start Here

Dirty Air Filter

When your furnace’s air filter gets clogged, it can block airflow to the heat exchanger. In turn, the system can get too hot, causing the burners to turn off to prevent any damage.

Start by looking at your filter. If it’s dirty, replace it and see if that helps restore heat. If it doesn’t, the heat exchanger may be to blame. Either way, stop running your furnace and call Advanced Comfort.

Thermostat Settings

Believe it or not, it’s possible that your thermostat may be set to COOL instead of HEAT. If that’s the case, simply adjust it to the proper setting. Advanced Comfort also installs the latest thermostats to help you avoid these types of problems.

Leaky Ducts

Cracks, gaps, and holes in your ductwork are perfect escape routes for warm air. Your friendly neighborhood Advanced Comfort technician can help you identify areas of concern and, more importantly, seal them up.

Failed Ignition

Older furnaces in particular may have a standing pilot light that gets dirty or may malfunction over time. But there are a variety of other causes of ignition failure as well, including poor ventilation or simply a lack of gas.

The best way to relight it? Call Advanced Comfort for help. We’ll find the correct cause of your furnace’s troubles and make a quick and efficient repair.


As one of the coldest U.S. states in winter, Wisconsin faces more cold weather-related issues than other areas. During particularly cold stretches, your furnace might get a small ice buildup on its components, which will affect its ability to keep you warm. If you notice standing water around your unit in winter, it’s probably time for routine furnace maintenance and cleaning from the professionals.

For the Best Heating Service, Trust the Award-Winning Carrier® Dealer—Advanced Comfort

Keep your furnace from blowing cold air with one of Sheboygan County’s top heating and cooling providers—Advanced Comfort Systems. Call 920-564-2333 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or for repair.

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