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When winter hits and the temperatures drop, we all suffer. And while most of that is due to the cold, there are many other factors that can leave us feeling less than our best, including dry and cracked skin, static electricity, and that nagging cough that just won’t let up. The good news is that a whole-home humidifier from Advanced Comfort Systems can alleviate these and other problems. Read on to discover why a whole-home humidifier is a must for Wisconsin winters. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call.

What Does a Whole-Home Humidifier Do?

In winter, the air gets dry, causing the moisture levels in your home to drop significantly. On average, it can drop your humidity by about 20 percent or more. When this happens, everything in your home dries out, too. This is why your skin gets dry and itchy and you start to experience static electricity—those annoying “shocks” that happen when you touch something. Dry air can have health implications as well. It can lead to hacking coughs or exacerbate other respiratory conditions your family members already have, such as allergies or asthma.

A whole-home humidifier is a perfect answer to these problems. It works alongside your HVAC system to bring that moisture back into your air. This can help you feel healthier, reduce allergy and asthma triggers, and freshen your home.

Can I Install a Portable Humidifier Instead?

Portable humidifiers are another smaller option that can be used to add humidity back into individual rooms. Unlike their larger, whole-home counterparts, which connect to your home’s water system, portable versions need to be refilled intermittently. While they can be a cost-effective solution in a pinch, they aren’t as convenient as whole-home models, as they only work in one room at a time.

Other Ways to Improve Home Air Quality

In addition to increasing your home’s humidity levels, there are other things you can do to keep your home comfortable—and your family healthy—this winter. An easy fix for increased home comfort is the regular replacement of your furnace’s air filter. If not replaced according to your furnace manufacturer’s instructions, air filters can become dirty or clogged. This can prevent your furnace from functioning at maximum capacity in addition to allowing dust and dirt to circulate through your home air.

Air purifiers or exchangers are yet another way to improve your indoor air quality. These systems are designed to eliminate the bacteria and germs in dirty air so your family can breathe cleaner and healthier.

Limit Your Wisconsin Winter Discomfort With Advanced Comfort

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your home comfort this winter? Advanced Comfort can answer any questions you have about whole-home humidifier installation or any of the other home comfort solutions we offer. Get started today by calling our Carrier® pros at 920-564-2333 or sending us an email.

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