A room being cooled by a ductless air conditioning system

Is your current air conditioning system forcing you to spot-cool certain areas with window air conditioners? With summer rapidly approaching, you don’t want to be caught having to rely on loud, inefficient window units to help keep you cool. Installation of a ductless split system could be the perfect fix to help you beat the heat—and save money on energy bills.

This system has no ductwork and is split into two components—an outdoor unit with a heat pump and an indoor air handler that’s unobtrusive and easy to install. It’s designed to absorb the heat in your home through a conduit of coolant and release it outside, giving you a consistent, comfortable room-by-room temperature. With a ductless split system, our award-winning Carrier® Factory Authorized technicians can help your home realize these major benefits:

  1. Energy-efficient—A ductless split system uses up to 40 percent less energy compared to window units because it transfers heat energy rather than altering it.
  2. Security—Window units could be an access point for a burglar, while a ductless system won’t compromise your security.
  3. Quiet operation—The slight noise made by a ductless system is much quieter than the motors and blowers of a window unit.
  4. Visibility—The indoor unit of a ductless split system can be wall- or ceiling-mounted and easily operated with a remote control, leaving your windows open for light and fresh air.
  5. Year-round comfort—A ductless split system can heat a room just as easily as it can cool it, making it a year-round comfort system that can also replace inefficient and unsafe space heaters.

Keep Your Cool This Summer with a Ductless Split System

Whether you’re looking to ditch the window units—or just don’t want to adjust the temperature of your entire home to cool that one hot-spot—Advanced can help you stay cool and continue to improve the value of your home with a new ductless split system. We can also repair your current system to increase energy efficiency and save on costs. With summer right around the corner, schedule a consultation now to see how you can ensure your family’s comfort and safety—and put your savings towards summer fun!

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