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Even a small home project can be a big deal if you don’t have the right remodeling experts helping you. You need people who specialize in several areas to make sure each aspect of your renovation is done right the first time, but you probably don’t want to hire several different contractors. When you choose a company like Advanced Comfort Systems, you’ll get expert service from a diverse team that works together to coordinate every detail of your remodeling project. Here’s a look at our team and what each can bring to your kitchen remodel, bathroom update, home addition, or any new space:

Heating and Cooling Experts—if you’re changing the layout of your home, you may need to change how your furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or heat pump services those areas. This could mean moving pipes, ductwork, or the unit itself. Or maybe you need to add services—trust our HVAC experts for a new ductless split system, help with radiant heating for warm floors, and more to make your new rooms feel as great as they look.

Licensed Plumbers—bathroom and kitchen remodeling doesn’t happen without a good plumber. You’ll need professional plumbing installation for new faucets, fixtures, and appliances, and for assurance that a leak won’t ruin all the time and money you’ve invested in improvements.

IAQ Specialists—better indoor air quality is not a visible home update, but you’ll notice a difference. Our pros can help with proper ventilation for your new kitchen or bath, a whole-home humidifier to protect wood flooring and furniture, or an air purifier to help remove construction dust and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) common in paint, stain, and new carpeting.

Home Automation Technicians—while you’re changing the way your home looks, you can also update the way it works. With home automation, you can program and control your heating and cooling units, security systems, utilities, and home electronics from any smartphone or computer. NATE-certified technicians like those at Advanced Comfort can install and show you how to use this connected technology for comfort and convenience.

Save Time and Money With the Right Remodeling Experts

Before you begin any projects, make sure you know who and what you need for a great update. Hiring the right people saves time and money, especially if you can hire one company for multiple, streamlined services.

That’s what makes Advanced Comfort a great partner for your next project—one call to our Oostburg office will get you a free quote on up to four professional services that you’re going to need and appreciate. We’re here to help with remodeling or new construction projects of all sizes, as well as ongoing maintenance or repairs of existing systems.

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