Follow these New Year's resolution to save money this year

By now, many of our New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. The good news is that it’s never too late to make changes and little steps can make a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to being comfortable and saving money. Because you spend the most time and money at home, that’s the best place to start. Slim down big utility bills with help from the pros at Advanced Comfort Systems. Here are five easy ways we can help you turn your house into a high-efficiency home:

  1. Start smart—if you need heating or cooling service, choose Advanced Comfort and save with the area’s lowest diagnostic fee—just $60 brings one of our NATE-certified technicians to your home to check out your system. We’ll figure out what’s wrong and give you a fair price to fix it.
  2. Replace your old system—while it may seem like you’re saving by holding off on this big purchase for “just one more year,” it’s actually costing you extra money every month in sky-high energy bills. You’re better off investing in a new Carrier® furnace or air conditioner now and saving 15 percent or more on your annual operating costs. You also shouldn’t have to worry about repair bills for quite a while.
  3. Get an HVAC maintenance agreement—preventive care is a must if you want high efficiency and a lower risk of HVAC problems. That’s why it makes sense to sign up for a maintenance agreement with Advanced Comfort. With our plan, you pay a set fee for your annual Clean & Tune, plus priority service and special discounts when you need extra help.
  4. Upgrade to a smart thermostat—take control of comfort and costs with a programmable, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. Schedule home temperatures around your schedule and always enjoy ideal home comfort without wasting energy while you’re away.
  5. Save on water, too—our licensed plumbers can repair any wasteful leaks, from dripping faucets to running toilets. We also have water-saving fixtures and devices, like metered water softeners and low-flow showerheads, to help you use less and save more.

Trust Advanced Comfort for Home Improvements

In addition to our top five, there are lots of other do-it-yourself options to create a high-efficiency home. Add more insulation, switch to CFL or LED lights, seal drafts, use fans, and adjust water temperature for savings. And speaking of home improvements, Advanced Comfort is also a smart choice for remodeling. From additions to updated kitchens, trust our diversely talented team to help make your new space comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. In Oostburg or Sheboygan, contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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