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In-floor radiant heating is gaining popularity among homeowners who want a new level of comfort, plus high efficiency and added benefits. This system uses a boiler to warm water, which flows constantly and quietly through flexible tubing under your floors. As the heat rises, it warms the entire floor surface—which stays warmer longer than when you heat only air. The result is warmth you can really feel, and energy-saving efficiency you’ll love. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing radiant heating for your home:

Warmth where you need it—hot air rises quickly which can mean a lot of forced air heating dollars are going over your head and being wasted. With radiant heat, warmth starts at the floor to make you more comfortable for longer.

More heat for less money—today’s boilers can operate at 90 to 98 perfect efficiency, so not only is radiant heat the ideal delivery system, but it also uses a smart hydronic heat source to help you save.

Silent, still heat—compared to the sounds of a furnace cycling on and off, and the whoosh and draft of airflow, radiant heat is quiet and comfortable. An added benefit is it also doesn’t stir up the dust that can trigger asthma and allergy problems.

More humidity for comfort—because radiant heat uses hot water, it’s naturally less drying than warm air that continually loses moisture as it recirculates. This can calm itchy, dry winter skin, and help you feel warmer from your toes on up.

Radiant Heat Fits Any Style, Any Space

With radiant heat, you get both comfort and style. Home fashion has been trending toward sleek, easy-to-care for wood and tile floors, but they can be incredibly cold under foot. Also, the small lines used for radiant heat give you more options and space to work with, instead of working around a large system of ductwork in the walls and ceilings. With an in-floor radiant heating system, you get the look and space you want, and still feel comfortable when you want to kick off your shoes or when your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning.

Radiant floor heating systems can be installed in remodeling and retrofit projects as well as in new homes and commercial construction. Ask the experts at Advanced Comfort Systems about other heating and cooling systems from Carrier, plus our reliable plumbing and indoor air quality services.

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