Carrier technician discussing furnace maintenance with homeowner

“If it isn’t broken…” it will be—if you don’t pay attention and provide a little TLC. This is true for everything from cars to relationships to furnace maintenance. We’re not mechanics or marriage counselors, but the certified techs at Advanced Comfort Systems can definitely keep your heating system going strong, season after season.

6 Benefits of Giving Your Furnace the Attention and Maintenance It Needs

If you love coming home to a cozy house, keep it that way by giving your furnace a thorough fall cleaning and tune-up. Why is furnace maintenance so important? Since September 25 is National Tune-Up Day, let us count the ways:

  1. Saves Money
    Rather than dream about lowering your energy bills, make it a reality with a well-maintained furnace. A unit that’s kept clean and in good repair uses 10 to 30 percent less energy—that adds up to significant savings on your monthly utility bills.
  2. Saves Time
    “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today”—that saying rings true for furnace maintenance, too. The last thing you want to worry about is a furnace malfunction in the middle of a freezing cold winter night. Regular maintenance now helps prevent a sudden, no-heat emergency during the busiest season for furnace fixes.
  3. Promotes Longer Performance
    As every homeowner knows, a furnace is a big investment. But one that’s treated right can last up to 25 years. Ignoring regular maintenance short-changes your system’s lifespan and limits its performance.
  4. Preserves Warranty
    Most manufacturer warranties are only honored when you have regular heating system maintenance performed by a professional. If you don’t follow care guidelines, expect your product guarantee to be void.
  5. Staves Off Costly Repairs
    A certified expert who does comprehensive furnace maintenance can find most minor issues before they develop into major furnace repairs or a complete system replacement. Routine maintenance is even more affordable when you purchase a service agreement. Most agreements also include valuable benefits such as repair or parts discounts and priority scheduling.
  6. Reduces Safety Risk
    Your safety at home is what matters most—furnaces that aren’t functioning properly put your entire family’s health at risk. Something as simple as a clogged filter can lead to more respiratory infections, while a cracked heat exchanger is a very serious carbon monoxide hazard. With regular furnace inspections and maintenance, and a carbon monoxide detector, you’ll rest easy and stay comfy whenever the heat’s on.

Celebrate More Cozy Moments with Regular Furnace Maintenance

The crisp air and falling leaves mean those curl-up-on-the-couch days are coming soon. Be prepared this year and save time and money with a maintenance agreement for your heating and air conditioning systems. Or, if you need more than maintenance, trust Advanced Comfort to help you upgrade to a high-efficiency Carrier® system. We’re right in your neighborhood—check our service area and contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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