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It’s no match for a partridge in a pear tree, but a whole-home humidifier just might help you feel merrier this holiday season. At a time when temperatures struggle to stay above freezing, colds and flus are flourishing, and your to-do list never seems to get done, being comfortable in your home is the best gift of all. Keep reading as the experts from Advanced Comfort Systems explain the many benefits of banishing dry air with a humidifier that protects you and your home all winter.

Celebrate 12 Reasons to Get a Humidifier This Season

  1. Itch less—soothe itchy skin and flakey scalp
  2. Look better—prevent or minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Have a good hair day—imagine an end to flyaway, staticky hair
  4. See clearly—avoid uncomfortably dry eyes and contacts
  5. Stop shocks—avoid jolting shocks of static electricity
  6. Stay healthy—keep cold and flu germs from multiplying
  7. Stifle the sniffles—avoid sinus and respiratory dryness and irritation
  8. Alleviate allergies—minimize dry, dusty conditions that trigger symptoms
  9. Sleep better—wake refreshed, not with a sore, dry throat
  10. Feel cozy—humidified air retains heat so your home feels warmer for longer
  11. Save energy—raising humidity means you don’t have to raise your thermostat
  12. Avoid expensive repairs—stop wood floors and furniture from cracking

Skip the Winter Wonderland

Once you experience the difference a humidifier makes in your home this winter, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Why bother with single-room units that have to be refilled and can only service a small space? Our Carrier® humidifiers work with your high-efficiency furnace to deliver perfectly balanced, comfortable air to every room in your house. Get started today with a free estimate from Advanced Comfort on humidifiers as well as heating, cooling, plumbing, and remodeling.

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