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Spring is right around the corner, which means warmer temps and less time spent in jackets. It also means that allergy season is close, too. The experts at Advanced Comfort Systems are here to help—we put together a list of easy ways you can beat spring allergies this year. Read our tips below and stop the sneezing and stuffy noses right away.

Change Your Air Filter

You’ll see this tip a lot in our blogs—it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your indoor air clean. An air filter works alongside your air conditioner and furnace, catching dust, dirt, and other allergens before they circulate through your entire house. In the process, the filter gets dirty, which reduces how effective they are. By swapping it out once every month, you can keep your indoor air allergen-free and your family feeling their best.

Consider an Air Purifier

Your home has been sealed up all winter, preventing fresh outdoor air from getting inside. Opening your windows this spring can freshen up the indoors, but it can also let in allergens from outside. This is where an air purifier system comes in handy. It helps clean your air by capturing and killing bacteria in its media filter. This process is 40 times more efficient at getting rid of allergens than your standard air filter, and you don’t even have to open your windows.

Dust Those Ducts

Like it or not, there’s sure to be a certain amount of dust and dander in your home at all times. Your ducts and vents are the gateways to your home—all air passes through them. So if they’re dusty and dirty, your house will be, too. Give your house a good, regular dusting, starting with all vents and registers. You can also use your vacuum’s extension to clean the inside of your ducts to clean out even more allergens that may have built up inside.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

By now, you know that regular maintenance goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and productive home comfort system. A more efficient system also helps ensure clean indoor air—a tuned up A/C, for example, is better at trapping allergens in the air filter than a system that is neglected. By scheduling regular Clean & Checks, you can bet that your unit is well-equipped to keep your air clean and healthy.

Turn to the Experts at Advanced Comfort for the Best Air Quality Care

Home comfort is about more than heating and cooling—your house’s indoor air quality is just as important. That’s why our professionals make it a priority. If you have a hard time beating spring allergies, turn to the experts at Advanced Comfort and Carrier®. There’s a reason your Sheboygan neighbors rely on us for ultimate comfort, and it has everything to do with our commitment to you. Call us today at 920-564-2333 or contact us online.

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