Carrier tech in blue shirt starts air purifier installation in homeowner's basement.

Even if you keep your home perfectly clean, your indoor air could still be more polluted than outdoor air—approximately two to five times more, according to the EPA. Luckily, air purifier installation from the Carrier® experts at Advanced Comfort Systems can help you make informed decisions about your health and ensure your indoor air is as clean as can be. Read about the benefits of these systems below, then call us to get started.

How Air Purifier Installation Boosts Your Home Comfort

1. Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Some of the everyday products you use, including your household cleaners, contain toxic chemicals. While exposure in small quantities shouldn’t pose any major health concerns, over time, chemical levels can build. Air purifier installation will remove nearly 99 percent of the toxins from the air you breathe and recirculate fresh, clean air back into your home.

2. Enhances Your HVAC Systems’ Efficiency

A buildup of dust and debris in your HVAC system can slow it down over time. This could lead to lower efficiency and more frequent repairs. Air purifiers remove that dust from circulation and prevent it from building up in your system over time, keeping it cleaner and running smoothly.

3. Reduces Dust Circulating Through Your Home

No one wants to clean more than they have to—and with an air purifier, you can give your dusting routine a little break. Dust in your home won’t build up nearly as quickly as it did in the past.

4. Limits Spreading of Airborne Diseases

An air purifier can eliminate the germs and viruses that flow through the unit, reducing the amount you and your family are exposed to and leading to a healthier home.

5. Reduces Odors in the Home

Home odors, which can stem from cooking, pets, or even mold and bacteria growth, are neutralized when you install an air purifier. That’s because the purifier will absorb the airborne particles causing those unpleasant smells—leaving you with fresh, odor-free air to enjoy every day.

6. Relieves Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

If you or anyone else in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, an air purifier installation can help you breathe a sigh of relief. Breathing in polluted indoor air can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms, so eliminating irritants from your home air will make a noticeable difference. You’ll sleep and feel better overall with reduced symptoms.

Clean Up Your Home Air With Advanced Comfort

It’s never too late to take advantage of the many benefits an air purifier installation can offer. At Advanced Comfort, we can answer any questions you have and assist you in picking out the right air purifier based on your home and family needs. All you need to do to get started is call our Carrier® pros today or contact us online.

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