clean air in the home during spring

Homeowners are getting ready to dust their ceiling fans, unpack the flannel sheets, and add colorful accents to their décor. Your house will look great, and with help from the pros at Advanced Comfort Systems, it will feel great, too. Here are five spring HVAC tips to make your home feel fresh and cool as things start to heat up.

Checklist for Spring Comfort

  1. Air conditioner tuneup—tuning up your air conditioner is an important spring ritual. That’s why we offer maintenance agreements to help you budget for service and never miss an appointment. And with a new filter in place, your cool air will be a breath of fresh air.
  2. A/C upgrade—at some point, your air conditioner will no longer need a tuneup—it will simply need to be replaced. Our tech will tell you when it’s better to upgrade your system than pay too much in repairs and high energy bills to keep an old unit limping along. Just don’t wait for a heatwave—now is the time to take advantage of hot offers and special financing for high-efficiency Carrier® cooling and heating systems.
  3. Manage humidity—why go from dry and itchy to hot and sticky? Taking control of your comfort is as easy as calling our experts for whole-home humidity control. A dehumidifier will help you feel cooler in summer while a humidifier can help retain heat in winter. Both can boost your home comfort and lower your energy costs.
  4. Replace the batteries in your thermostat–putting fresh batteries in your thermostat every spring is one of the simplest ways to keep your system running smoothly. Without a full charge, it can’t send proper operating instructions to your air conditioner.
  5. Reset smart controls—your comfort needs and schedule can change with the seasons, so make sure to reprogram your smart thermostat. Or upgrade to a Wi-Fi-enabled model and you can adjust air conditioning anytime to avoid cooling an empty house or coming home to uncomfortable conditions.

From Custom Comfort Recommendations to Remodeling, Call Advanced

These are just a few HVAC tips for a fresher, more efficient home. Schedule your spring service and we can offer additional ideas based on your needs and budget. Thinking of even bigger changes? Our professionals at Advanced can assist you with everything from plumbing repairs and upgrades to full remodeling projects. Contact us today for a free estimate and get a head start on a comfortable summer.

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