Tech shows woman and man homeowners how to work their new air purification system.

Having fresh, clean air in your Oostburg home is just as important as setting it to the perfect temperature. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is with an air purification system. In this blog, the experts at Advanced Comfort Systems are sharing everything you need to know about air purifiers—including how you can benefit from them. Read it over below, then call us at 920-564-2333.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Though you may not see them, pollutants like dust, dirt, and even viruses and bacteria float through your home on a daily basis. An air purification system is designed to help get rid of them all. Installed as part of your heating and cooling systems, an air purifier captures those contaminants as they circulate and eliminates them. What you get is cleaner, safer air in your home—which benefits you in a ton of ways.

Air Purifier Benefits

Improved Health

First and foremost, an air purifier helps remove many airborne viruses and bacteria before you breathe them in and get sick. That includes allergens and asthma triggers, pet hair, and smoke.

Better Comfort

Knowing your air is as clean as possible can help you simply relax more in your own home. But it can also help your heating and cooling systems’ performance. With fewer contaminants—and fewer buildups in your vents—your furnace and AC don’t have to work as hard to push hot or cold air around them. That leads to less stress on your units, as well as a decreased chance of breakdowns.

Dust Control

Dust is one of the most common contaminants you’ll see in your home. An air purifier can help capture and remove these particles, slowing their accumulation and creating a cleaner indoor environment. And a slower dust buildup means an easier time cleaning your house every week.

Fewer Odors

Everyday activities like cooking and cleaning give off odors—some of which can be unpleasant. Air purifiers collect them all and neutralize them, helping your air smell fresher.

Trust Advanced Comfort to Help You Find the Best Air Purifier

From laying out options for air purification units to helping you install them, Advanced Comfort is always here when you need us. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer—and a seven-time President’s Award winner—we know how to care for you the right way.

It all starts with a phone call: 920-564-2333.

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