Homeowner walks on living room floor after in-floor radiant heating installation.

When it comes to keeping your Oostburg-area home toasty warm in the winter, you might think of furnaces or boilers first. The pros at Advanced Comfort Systems are here to share another, more efficient way—and it starts with your floors. In our blog below, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about in-floor radiant heating. Learn the system’s pros and cons, then call us at 920-564-2333.

First, What Is Radiant Heat?

Also known as hydronic heating, it’s an HVAC system that literally warms your house from the ground up. It starts with a series of tubes that are installed under your floor. Using a boiler as its source, hot water travels all the way through these tubes. Heat then rises from the water through your entire home, providing consistently even temperatures everywhere.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating

The Pros

  • Enhanced energy efficiency—Water is a much more effective and efficient conductor of heat than air. And because it provides even warmth across your house, you’ll feel warmer for longer. This means you won’t have to constantly be turning up the thermostat. All that adds up to a lower heating bill (without you having to sacrifice your comfort).
  • Better indoor air quality—Furnaces are a reliable option for home heating. However, as they force air through your ducts, they can also pick up and spread contaminants like dust and dirt. Because in-floor radiant heating systems use water for warmth, they reduce the spread of pollution.
  • More space—The space in your home that a furnace would otherwise take up is open for whatever you want. From offering more storage space to letting you expand other rooms, a radiant heating system is as convenient as it is warm.

The Cons

  • Higher installation cost—Because you need experts to properly install a radiant heat system under your flooring, your installation costs will be high. However, thanks to lower energy bills, you may make up for the upfront costs over time.
  • Requires new flooring—If you’re installing in an existing home, you’ll have to tear up your floors to put the system in, which means factoring those costs into your budget.

Trust Advanced Comfort to Help You Find the Best In-Floor Radiant Heating System

As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is the very best at safely and securely installing radiant heating systems. All you have to do is call us: 920-564-2333 (or contact us online).

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