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Breathe Easier with an Air Purifying System from Sheboygan’s Air Quality Specialists

Your home looks great after a thorough cleaning, but there’s probably a “spot” you missed—the air. No matter how much you clean, there are still two to five times more bacteria, pollutants, pollen spores, and other tiny particles in indoor air than what you’ll find outside. In most cases, you won’t see a problem, but if you have asthma or allergies, you could feel it. Over time, poor air quality becomes more apparent as dust settles onto your furniture, you notice a stale odor, and your heating or cooling system isn’t running as efficiently.

High Purifier Performance Means Lower Risk

Clean air is essential to your health and comfort—it’s why we recommend installing a whole-home air purification system. Sized to serve your entire house, this silent and efficient unit captures viruses, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants in its media filter and destroys them before they circulate through your house and make you sick. And when you change the media cartridge as recommended, air purifiers are 40 times more effective than a standard furnace filter. It won’t be long before you notice cleaner, healthier air indoors. We’re proud to install and service most air purifier brands, including SecureAire.

The Lighter Side of Improving Air Quality

Because air is continually passing through your heating and cooling system, it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. They settle and grow on the indoor coil, so we recommend adding UV lights inside your unit to “zap” these harmful organisms before they are recirculated back into the air. This is an air cleaning option that is affordable and easy—just change the bulbs every year.

Air Exchangers Bring Fresh Air Inside

A well-insulated, airtight home may be efficient, but it can also get stuffy. New homes, in particular, often have higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to carpeting and paint, but any house can suffer from stale air and other odors, especially when humidity is high. Fortunately, Advanced Comfort Systems can offer a better solution than just opening the windows.

For better indoor air quality year-round, we install and service air-to-air exchangers that allow for fresh air ventilation in a controlled manner. We also have heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) that transfer heat from exhaust air being moved out of the house to the fresh air coming in, so you’re not wasting the energy already used for heating. This dilutes the concentration of unwanted gases and odors in the air, including high humidity that can be damaging to your home. If you want fresher air, without opening your home to more impurities, noise, and safety concerns, ask us about adding an air exchanger.

Our Service Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Our goal is to turn every call into a client, and every client into a lifetime customer. We do this by offering honest advice, preventive services, and quality products that deliver real value for every dollar. If you live in Sheboygan, Oostburg, or a nearby community, call Advanced Comfort Systems to save money and breathe easier.

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